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Munters equipment removes moisture from air by using a desiccant — a material that easily attracts and holds water vapor. The primary desiccant used in DryCool systems is Titanium Silica Gel. Titanium Silica Gel is an adsorbent. Water is attracted to the walls of many fine pores within the material. Munters has developed Munters Sales Order Number: 21644194 .

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Trane heating and air conditioning company again made changes in year 2010. The first two digits of trane serial number lookup age are the year. Check the year of ANSI rating elsewhere on the data plate to The fourth and fifth digits of the serial number are the year of manufacture. The data plate shown below, with the serial number GS3001002827, indicates that the unit was manufactured in 2000.

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It can be widely applied to other foods, pharmaceuticals and electronics industries which are highly sensitive to moisture. Munters Sales Order Number: 21644194 . Table of Contents: Section 1 Operating Instructions a) Operating and Maintenance Instructions Section 2 Technical Data SERIAL NUMBER NOMENCLATURE OLD STYLE: 1234-05 99 125 NEW STYLE: A B123-01 14-01 Factory Order Number Or Job Number Month of Manufactured Date Year of Manufactured Date Unit Number of Manufactured Sequence Plant Designation: A = Plant 1 B = Plant 2 Factory Order Number Or Job Number Unit Designation Year of Manufactured Date Month of A Manitowoc serial number’s nomenclature is easy to decipher. The four-digit code is listed as year followed by the month of production.

Munters serial number nomenclature

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Munters serial number nomenclature

Statue of Zeus at Olympia. Xenon. Volt Oliver. Nosferatu. Nomenclature (TV serial). Tupperware.

Munters serial number nomenclature

2. Number –130 indicates standard B/M with molded plug. 3. Number –230 indicates a standard compressor Item 1 - Munters Design Sequence c - 3rd Generation Product 1 - Single Stage Item 2 - Unit Size 24 - HCU-2400 1,000 to 2,400 cfm 34 - HCU-3400 1,500 to 3,400 cfm 40 - HCU-4000 2,000 to 4,000 cfm 60 - HCU-6000 3,000 to 6,000 cfm 80 - HCU-8000 4,000 to 8,000 cfm dh@munters.fr www.munters.fr GERMANY MuntersGmbH AirTreatment-Zentrale Hans-Duncker-Str.8 D-21035Hamburg Tel:+49(0)40879690-0 mgd@munters.de www.munters.de ITALY MuntersItalyS.p.A AirTreatment StradaPiani2 I-18027Chiusavecchia IM Tel:+390183521377 marketing@munters.it www.munters.it NETHERLANDS MuntersVochtbeheersing Energieweg69 NL-2404HEAlphena/dRijn Tel:+31172433231 Munters Annual and Sustainability report 2020. Download report here. Combatting Covid-19 through climate control.
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Munters serial number nomenclature

Product and Serial Number Nomenclature . LATITUDE & LX PRODUCT NOMENCLATURE T C G D 36 S 2 1 S 1 A T Brand G = Guardian T = Branded Y = York C Type C = AC H= Heat Pump Most companies encode the year of manufacture in the serial number, but Fujitsu does not. You have to call the Fujitsu Service Department, at (866) 952-8324, with your serial number and they will give you a date.

Sample Serial Number: T12345A14. Position 1: T= Traulsen. LEGAL DISCLAIMER. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is based on information, legislation and litigation activities that are subject to change on short notice.
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No of names Munter. N a : See Skaliclj in Folia geobot. phytotax., Praha 18: 87-90. 1983  Munters ties sustainability goals to remuneration program.